Katrina Chamber Music 10-14 August 2021

Photo: Cuarteto Quiroga

“On our own two feet” 

Artistic Director: Cecilia Zilliacus

A hundred years ago, in June 1921, the League of Nations made its final decision on the status of the Åland islands—something that, along with the Åland Convention, would make the island region unique in the world with autonomy, neutrality, and demilitarization. Many regions with dreams of autonomy have studied Åland as a good example, especially considering the whole process to reach autonomy went completely peacefully.

In the summer of 2021, Katrina Festival will draw inspiration from this and include music from Åland as well as from other autonomous regions such as the Faroe Islands, Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Scotland.

Music from around the time when the League of Nations’ decision was made, from the countries that were most involved in the Åland issue—Sweden, Finland and Russia— will also ring out during the week.

Åland came to belong to Finland, despite the fact that there was great popular support and many other good reasons for the islands to go to Sweden. But not everything went badly in Sweden in 1921—Swedish women finally got to exercise their right to vote and were therefore able to stand on their own two feet to a greater extent than before! In recent years, music by female composers has been an obvious part of Katrina Festival, and continues to be in 2021!

Katrina Cultural Association’s co-founder and chairperson, Barbro Sundback, will be honored for both her birthday and her fantastic work for the festival, culture and the whole of Åland. Welcome to “Barbro's Coffee Mill” to hear some musical gems!

In 2021, master courses in solo performance and chamber music will also be arranged in collaboration with the Åland Institute of Music.

You are warmly welcome to discover for yourself new and old music, music that absolutely stands on its own two feet, together with us!




Tuesday, 10th  August 2021

10:00 Bagarstugan Café & Vin, Mariehamn

”Breakfast Meeting”

Cecilia Zilliacus (Artistic Director, violin), Kati Raitinen (cello), Henrik Sandås Quintet


19:00 Sankt Göran's Church, Mariehamn (25/20 €)


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1759): ”Erbarme dich, mein Gott” from St Matthew Passion (BWV 244)
Sunleif Rasmussen (f. 1961): ”Andalag” No. 3 (2011)
Jack Mattsson (1954-2007): Choral and Thoughts for organ
Sunleif Rasmussen (f. 1961): ”Andalag” No. 11 (2011)
Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983): String Quartet No. 1, Op. 20 (1948)
Riikka Talvitie (f. 1970): ”Revised History of Tango” for violin, bandoneon, piano and double bass (2000/2003)
Thea Musgrave (f. 1928): Impromptu (No. 1)
Marcelle de Manziarly (1899-1989): Piano Trio F sharp-minor

Cuarteto Quiroga, Henrik Sandås Quintet, Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), August Finkas (clarinet), Bengt Forsberg (organ, piano), Johannes Herjö (bassoon), Carl Julius Lefebvre Hansen (oboe), Kati Raitinen (cello), Malla Vivolin (flute), Christian Vinther (horn), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)


Wednesday, 11th August 2021

10:00 Bagarstugan Café & Vin, Mariehamn

”Breakfast Meeting”

Cecilia Zilliacus (Artistic Director, violin), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Isola Quartet


12:00 Sankt Göran's Church, Mariehamn (15/10 €)


Henriëtte Hilda Bosmans (1895-1952): Sonata for cello and piano (1919)
Lotta Wennäkoski (f. 1970): Amorti for bandoneon solo (2018)
Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga (1806-1826): String Quartet No.1 D minor (1822)

Cuarteto Quiroga, Bengt Forsberg (piano), Kati Raitinen (cello), Henrik Sandås (bandoneon)


19:00 Alandica lobby, Mariehamn (20/15 €)

”Grand Tango - Piazzolla 100 Years”   

Henrik Sandås Quintet: Eero Ignatius (double bass), Matleena Nyman (piano), Otto Porkkala (electric guitar), Henrik Sandås (bandoneon) and Linda Suolahti (violin). Kati Raitinen (cello)


21:30 Finström Church (15/10 €)


Samuel Barber (1910-1981): Adagio from String Quartet Op. 11 (1936)
Sture Isacsson (1937-2012): String Quartet
Nancy Dalberg (1881-1949): String Quartet No. 1 (1915)

Isola Quartet: Zaida Ponthin (violin), Olivia Lundberg (violin), Vuokko Lahtinen (viola), Lydia Eriksson (cello)


Thursday, 12th  August 2021

10:00 Bagarstugan Café & Vin, Mariehamn

”Breakfast Meeting”

Cecilia Zilliacus (Artistic Director, violin), Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), Therese Karlsson (soprano), Carl Nielsen Quintet


12:00 The Åland Islands Art Museum, Mariehamn (admission, see www.konstmuseum.ax/en)

”Svit för Helena”

Carl Nielsen (1865-1931): Maskarade: Overture (Arr. David Palmquist)
Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901-1953): Suite (1952)
Lars Karlsson (f. 1953): Svit för Helena
Peter Rasmussen (1838-1913): Wind Quintet F Major

Carl Nielsen Quintet: Malla Vivolin (flute), Carl Julius Lefebvre Hansen (oboe), August Finkas (clarinet), Christian Vinther (horn), Johannes Herjö (bassoon)


15:00 Alandica lobby, Mariehamn (15/10 €)

”Barbros kaffekvarn”

J. Brahms – R. Clarke – A. Piazzolla – G. Rossini – F. Schubert – E. Schulhoff –  J. Williams

Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Therese Karlsson (soprano), Otto Porkkala (electric guitar), Kati Raitinen (cello), Henrik Sandås (bandoneon), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)


19:00 Sankt Göran's Church, Mariehamn (20/15 €)

"Legendary music"

Helvi Leiviskä (1902-1983):  Piano Trio
Harald Fryklöf (1882-1919): ”Sonata alla leggenda” for violin and piano  (1918)
Pinja Nunez (f. 1987): Variations on a theme by Barbara Strozzi (2020)
Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008): Tango Aleman
Paul Juon (1872-1940): Divertimento, Op. 51

Carl Nielsen Quintet, Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Eero Ignatius (double bass), Matleena Nyman (piano), Kati Raitinen (cello), Henrik Sandås (bandoneon), Linda Suolahti (violin), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)


Friday 13h August 2020

10:00 Bagarstugan Café & Vin, Mariehamn

”Breakfast Meeting”

Cecilia Zilliacus (Artistic Director, violin), Cuarteto Quiroga: Aitor Hevia (violin), Cibrán Sierra (violin), Josep Puchades (viola), Helena Poggio (cello)


12:00 Sankt Göran's Church, Mariehamn (15/10 €)


Erik Bergman (1911-2006): 3 Fantasies for clarinet and piano
Helen Grime (f. 1981): 10 Miniatures for solo piano
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992): Four for Tango
Sergej Prokofjev (1891-1953): 5 Melodies for violin and piano, Op. 35 bis
Lars Karlsson (f. 1953): from 7 Songs
No. 1 Ångest
No. 3 Det är vackrast när det skymmer
No. 7 Mitt träd är pinjen

Cuarteto Quiroga, Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), August Finkas (clarinet), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Matleena Nyman (piano), Helena Poggio (cello), Josep Puchades (viola), Cibrán Sierra (violin), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)


15:00 Ålands Institute of Music (ÅMI), Mariehamn

Masterclass Concert


19:00 Jomala Church (20/15 €)


Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871-1927):  from Sensommarnätter Op. 33 (1914)
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971): Three Pieces for String Quartet
Mats Larsson Gothe (f. 1965): Caccio for violin solo (2020)
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Chansons Madécasses
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Sonata for violin and cello
Enrique Granados (1867-1916): Piano Quintet G minor, Op. 49E

Cuarteto Quiroga, Jenny Carlstedt (mezzo soprano), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Kati Raitinen (cello), Malla Vivolin (flute), Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)


Saturday, 14th August 2021

10:30 Sankt Göran's Parish House, Mariehamn (20 €, inkl. brunch)

Brunch concert with conversations about Åland's 100 years of autonomy and the importance of music in the national pursuit of freedom and identity.

Helen Grime (f. 1981): Romance          
Ella Adaiewsky (1846-1926): Berceuse Estonienne
Rita Strohl (1865-1941): Solitude
Folk music

Markku Suksi (Professor of Public Law), Pirkko Moisala (Professor emerita of Musicology and Anthropology of Music), Cecilia Zilliacus (Artistic Director), Siv Ekström (fiddler), Bengt Forsberg (pianist), Matleena Nyman (pianist), Kati Raitinen (cellist), Linda Suolahti (violinist)



MASTER CLASSES (solo & chamber music) 10th - 13th of August 2021



Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)
Kati Raitinen (cello)
Cuarteto Quiroga: Aitor Hevia (violin), Cibrán Sierra (violin), Josep Puchades (viola), Helena Poggio (cello)
Carl Nielsen Quintet: Malla Vivolin (flute), Carl Julius Lefebvre Hansen (oboe), August Finkas (clarinet), Christian Vinther (horn), Johannes Herjö (bassoon)
Jenny Carlstedt, mezzo soprano

The Master Classes will take place at the Ålands Institute of Music (ÅMI). The fee 270 €/solo, 310 €/duo, 350 €/trio, 390 €/quartet includes three lessons, free admission to the concerts (if there are free seats), lunch and dinner on days of tuition.

Travels and accommodation: www.visitaland.com

Applications should be sent by May 21st 2021 to info@katrina.ax. Please include your name(s), instrument(s)/ensemble, briefly about teachers/schools, pieces to play in lessons and the concert, and your contact information.