Katrina Culture Association


Katrina Culture Association arranges concerts and other musical events. The association began its activities in the year 2000 with a music theatre production of Katrina. The cultural association aims to promote professionalism in Åland’s music scene. Katrina Culture Association and Katrina Chamber Music Festival are named after Sally Salminen’s novel Katrina.

The board of Katrina Culture Association is made up of:

  • Barbro Sundback (chair)
  • Patrik Komorowski (vice-chair)
  • Casper Wrede (secretary)
  • Carita Johansson (treasurer) 
  • Marcus Boman 
  • Yvonne Cronström
  • Kalliope Grammenou 
  • Mona Karlsson
  • Stephan Kemetter
  • Barbro Koskinen

Substitutes are:

  • Ann-Christin Kjeldsen 
  • Siv Ekström 


Rosi Djupsund is the association’s executive manager.

Read more about the association in its action plan for 2022 (only in Swedish).