Katrina Chamber Music Festival, August 6–10th, 2019

Artistic Director: Cecilia Zilliacus

The Katrina Chamber Music Festival will be held for the 20th time in the summer of 2019. This naturally has to be celebrated. “Schlager” might not be the first word one would associate with chamber music, yet schlager music has existed in all eras. This year’s festival wants to showcase them – from madrigals and opera sensations to the Eurovision song contest of today.

One of Sweden’s true “grandes dames” in the genre is a person with ties to Åland – Lill Lindfors. Together with the guitarist Mats Bergström, who was a guest at Katrina in 2017, she will be performing her own and others’ hits.

A large part of this year’s festival week will be made up of hits from previous Katrina festivals performed by some of the leading luminaries of the past 20 years.

  • The Tempera Quartet, featuring previous artistic director Tiila Kangas, will make a dearly awaited return.
  • Svante Henryson (cello) and Magnus Lindgren (saxophone, flute, clarinett) will play their own and others’ compositions.
  • Soprano Sofie Asplund, who grew up on Åland, will be another participating “primadonna”.
  • Stockholm Chamber Brass, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary as an ensemble, will breathe life into brass quintet standards as well as orchestrations of goodies originally written for other instruments.
  • Pianist and composer Johan Ullén will grace the festival with his phenomenal piano playing and has promised to compose a schlager specially dedicated to Katrina!

In cooperation with the Music Institute of Åland, master classes in solo instruments and chamber music will be held in connection with the festival.




Cecilia Zilliacus (violin & chamber music)
Mats Bergström (guitar)
Tom Poulson (trumpet)
Annamia Larsson (horn)

The Master Classes will take place at the Ålands Institute of Music (ÅMI). The fee 270 €/solo, 310 €/duo, 350 €/trio, 390 €/quartet includes three lessons, free admission to the concerts (if there are free seats), lunch and dinner on days of tuition.

Travels and accommodation: www.visitaland.com

Applications should be sent by May 24th 2019 to info@katrina.ax, see www.katrina.ax