Katrina Chamber Music 10-14 August 2021

Cuarteto Quiroga

“On their own two feet” 

Artistic Director: Cecilia Zilliacus

A hundred years ago, in June 1921, the Åland Convention was signed at a meeting of the League of Nations—something that would make the island region unique in the world, self-governed, neutral, and demilitarized. Many areas with dreams of autonomy have studied Åland as a good example, especially considering the whole process of achieving autonomy for Åland was carried out completely peacefully. Katrina Chamber Music 2021 will draw inspiration from this and include music from Åland as well as from other regions characterised by autonomy such as the Faroe Islands, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Northern Ireland, etc. 

Åland came to belong to Finland despite there being much popular support for the islands to become part of Sweden.
But everything didn't go wrong for Sweden in 1921—Swedish women could exercise the right to vote for the first time and were therefore able to stand on their own two feet to a greater extent than before!
In recent years, music by female composers has been an obvious part of Katrina Chamber Music, and continues to be in 2021!

In that eventful year of 1921, Astor Piazzolla was born in Argentina, and Henrik Sandås Quintet will visit Katrina with his music, Tango Nuevo.
Cuarteto Quiroga from Spain will finally come to Åland and play, among other things, a string quartet by Juan Crisóstomo Jacobo Antonio de Arriaga y Balzola, born in the Basque Country.
The Danish Carl Nielsen Quintet will perform wind music by the Ålandese composer Lars Karlsson.
The Ålandese Isola Quartet will perform works by the Ålandese composer Sture Isacsson, among others.
Swedish pianist Bengt Forsberg will perform music by Henriette Bosmanns, Marcelle de Manziarly and Ika Peyron, etc., together with Cecilia Zilliacus, violin, and Finnish cellist Kati Raitinen.

The 110th birthday anniversary of Erik Bergman will be celebrated by the Ålandese mezzo-soprano Jenny Carlstedt performing some of his songs, and some of his other chamber music compositions will be included in the program, as well.

Furthermore, there will be performances of music from the important years before and after the signing of the Åland Convention from the countries that were most involved in the Åland issue: Sweden, Finland, and Russia (the Soviet Union). 

As in years past, in 2021, master courses in solo performance and chamber music will be arranged in collaboration with the Åland Institute of Music.