Photo: Anna Laakso (piano), performing at Katrina Chamber Music Festival 2020


Katrina Chamber Music Festival 11–15th August 2020

Artistic Director: Cecilia Zilliacus (violin)

Theme: "The Roaring 20s"?!

2020—we have now entered a new decade, a new 20s, the "twentiest" twenties ever! It certainly hasn’t started in a way any of us could have imagined. A virus has turned our lives upside down, and we’ve not yet seen the full implications of its ravages.

Giving the current 20s the epithet “the roaring 20s”, as the 20s of a hundred years ago had, could now have a very different interpretation. Admittedly, many who experienced the early 1920s could not have imagined that their new decade would become known for its prosperity and cheer.

Hopefully, those who live in 2120 will talk about the “fantastic 2020s”, the important years when we saved the world — each other and the climate!

We will listen to music from the previous 20s, the 1920s, 1820s, the 1720s, the 1620s, etc. What music were created then? What music will the new 20s give us, and what music will sound in 2120? Composers Jesper Nordin, Kalevi Aho and Perttu Haapanen will give us a taste of the freshest creations in the musicsphere and a glimpse into the future.

In 2019, Katrina Chamber Music celebrated 20 years of spirited activity, thanks in large part to Rosi Djupsund, who has been the director all of these years. To recognize her 20 years of leadership, she was given her own “request concert” as a present, and one of her first, obvious requests was Franz Schubert's magnificent String Quintet in C major, written in 1828. This summer, it will be played by the Finnish string ensemble Meta4 with cellist Kati Raitinen. The Meta4 quartet will also perform pieces by composers Amy Beach, Felix Mendelssohn and L v Beethoven.

1520-2020: Finnish accordionist Janne Valkeajoki will play tango and Stravinsky, and Swedish recorder player Anna Petrini will treat us to music as old as 500 years in addition to brand new tunes. At the Katrina Festival this summer, Anna will be collaborating for the first time with the award-winning folk musician Emilia Amper—baroque music and Swedish folk music in a stimulating combination. Perhaps a new concept for the coming 20s decade? Finnish soprano Tuuli Lindeberg, pianist Anna Laakso and Norwegian viola player Henninge Landaas (former member of the Vertavo Quartet!) will also take part in the festival!

2020: This year marks 250 years since the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven was born—the works he created during the 1820s, the so-called "late Beethoven" period, have come to be a concept of their own. Meta4 will indulge us with the outstanding String Quartet Opus 132, which includes the famous movement Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der Lydischen Tonart.